Our Mission Towards You

Our mission is to help every customer with the preparation of the workforce towards their business needs. We do this by delivering high-added value services and technology that address the challenges of today and tomorrow. We offer solutions that are built on top of existing IT infrastructure, resulting in a dedicated strategic workforce planning platform that hosts HR, finance and business data, which acts as the baseline information for past, present and future. That platform, called OXYGEN, is accessible by all process actors, allows top- down initiatives and eases bottom-up consolidation and reviews. OXYGEN is fast to implement, is agile, can be tailored towards specific organizational processes, is fully customizable and functional extendable. We help our customers derive value from their workforce processes in a fast, innovative and cost-effective way, with our professional services, support, and tools.

Next Generation Solutions & Services

Build on top of existing HR, financial and business systems, OXYGEN is a dedicated platform for high-added value workforce processes, that hosts a multi-source, consolidated data layer, ready to be tailored to the needs of the organization. This avoids disruptions of existing legacy systems, allows synchronization of multiple data sources, but above all, it creates a baseline of the workforce "truth", spanning history, actuals and forecasts that will be used by all actors and stakeholders that are involved in workforce management activities.


Build your business cases in weeks, setup OXYGEN in days, see results in seconds and start solving problems now.


OXYGEN is a flexible and agile system that allows easy introduction and implementation of new custom fit functionality, tailored to your needs without a change to legacy systems.


OXYGEN is built on a simple, though solid software and hardware platform that keeps on going.

Business Forecasting

Workforce Analytics

Predict future workforce evolution with your employee SWOT-analysis and key workforce insights. More

Competency Management

Strategic Workforce Planning

Optimize your people management actions to execute your business strategy with the right people at the right time at the right cost. More

Job Profiling

Workforce Simulation

Define cost, risks, workforce plans and HR transactions through workforce scenario’s and simulations based on strategy outlooks and constraints. More

Recruitement Intelligence

Workforce Plan Execution

Track your strategic workforce plans in alignment with your quarterly business plans and yearly budget.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Redeployment

Reduce costs and increase workforce engagement by redeploying employees to job openings via an automated matchmaking function. More

Workforce Simulation

Workforce GAP analysis

Define the organizational development needs and identify the readiness of the workforce for future challenges by managing the skill and competency gaps on a global scale. More


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